Thank You!


So many people contribute their time & talent which makes Manatee Audubon an incredible organization. If you have a recommendation on someone we should feature in our Volunteer Focus section, please call us or send us an email.

April 2020- Julie and Toby Teofilak

Julie has been a member of the Board of Directors for several years. In that time she has;

* Taken over the responsibility of keeping track of New and Renewing Members

* Designed and produced our Annual Brochures

* Become our Project Lead for the Giving Partner fund drive

* Gained the skills to be our resident expert at producing Constant Contact Emails

With her husband Toby, a relatively new addition to the Board of Directors, but a long term helping hand

* Designed and ordered new signage for Felts Preserve

MANY MANY THANKS, Julie and Toby

To All Who Donated to the Giving Partner Campaign

Thank you so much for your donation this year. There are just too many of you to list all of your names here. Your contributions will be put to good use. Your generosity has raised $12,650 to carry on our mission!