Give a Child a Ride to the Wild

Inspiring kids to have an appreciation for birds, wildlife and the conservation efforts needed to protect their habitats is key to sustaining the quality of life in Manatee County...and throughout the world.

The "Give a Child a Ride to the Wild" program brings training, activities, and materials to educators interested in exposing students to hands-on, interactive learning about wildlife and their habitats. The program allows young people the chance to use critical thinking skills while exploring the nature around them.

A heartfelt thanks to the Manatee County Foundation and Manatee Fish and Game for their support which provides the majority contribution to the funds required to make this program possible!

During this program, students will hear about these birding basics:

What Makes a Bird...a Bird?

Getting Started with a Field Guide (and Bird Checklists)

Ten Common Birds of Florida at Felt's Audubon Preserve

Feeding Birds

Exploring Bird Habitat

Mysteries of Migration

All about Owls

Grassland Birds and Their Habitat

Nature Journaling Activities

Groups of Birds

Bird Songs & Calls

Birds & Their Environment

Bird Body Systems

Manatee Audubon is always in need of funding for this initiative. Not only are there material costs, but there are also high costs for bus transportation of students to & from Felts Audubon Preserve.