Audubon Adventures-Jr. Audubon

Audubon Adventures is a program specifically developed for younger kids who want to learn about nature. Manatee Audubon is looking to cultivate "Junior Audubon" members who may decide to continue their interest in learning more about nature, birds, wildlife, conservation and the environment as they grow.

Our school season Audubon Adventures program typically hosts their sessions at Felts Audubon Preserve in Palmetto (4600 24th Avenue East...near the corner of Experimental Farm Rd and 24th Avenue East). You can join any month; we meet monthly for these programs on the 2nd Saturday usually at Felts Preserve unless otherwise noted on our events calendar.


Share this fun & FREE learning opportunity with others at your school or local Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop. A poster is available as an attachment below (or by clicking on the image at right.)


If you know of any middle or elementary school students who want to spend some guided learning time with a trained naturalist from Manatee Audubon and Around the Bend Nature Tours, for additional questions about this program please reach out to Lisa Bohn, at: 941-586-0642

You can register today at: .

Why Would a Kid Join Junior Audubon?

A. To spend the "funnest"day of the month at a gorgeous, outdoor nature preserve learning about wildlife and nature.

B. To take fantastic field trips to places to learn about wild animals.

C. To not only learn about wild animals, but also the places where they live. To learn what lives below, on and above the ground in each kind of place.

What kind of kid joins Jr. Audubon?

A. A child between 5 and 11 years old.

B. One that is really interested in birds and animals and where they live.

C. One that loves taking field trips to exciting new places!

PS. Mom's and Dad's really like the meetings too!

For More Information or to Sign Up a Child

Contact Steve Black

(941) 376-0110 -

Members meet once a month on Saturdays for outings, and a few times a year for after school meetings.

Members participate in birding events such as The Great Backyard Bird Count and International Migratory Bird Day.

Members earn a pin for learning to identify ten birds, and a patch for completing Jr. Birder conservation and birding activities.

Audubon Adventures is a wonderful program that helps engage kids in the natural world around them. Donations from members fund this program. Recent changes to offer digital versions of the course have significantly lowered its cost. Any amount is deeply appreciated and just $16 will fund the cost for a classroom for a year.

  • Send your donation to Manatee County Audubon Society, PO Box 14550, Bradenton, FL 34280 or Donate using the Donate Button on our Home Page. Be sure to note on your check that it’s a donation to Audubon Adventures. Thank you

Audubon Adventures is an environmental education program for children in grades 3 to 5. Developed by professional environmental educators, Audubon Adventures presents standards-based science content about birds, wildlife, and their habitats. The program is used by classroom teachers, informal educators, home school educators, after-school program coordinators, special education instructors, science specialists, camp program leaders, ESL teachers, and language arts teachers. With captivating hands-on activities, students learn that we all have a personal stake in the health of the environment and play an important role in its preservation and improvement. Audubon Adventures is distributed in two formats: web-based ($16) or print-based (ranging from $8 to $35).

· Check out our classroom-oriented website, to discover exclusive content for teachers and students.

· The newest Audubon Adventures Classroom Kit will be presented exclusively on the Audubon Adventures website where teachers can access all new student magazines, background information, hands-on activities, and much more!

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