Jay Watch

Photo Credit: Karen Wiley, Jay Watch Volunteers at Little Manatee River - Southfork Tract, Manatee County

Become a Jay Watcher!

Audubon Florida's Jay Watch program helps survey and monitor Florida Scrub Jay populations across the state. The Florida scrub jay is a federally threatened species and is the only endemic bird species to the state of Florida.

These birds are quite unique forming cooperative breeding family groups and thrive in Florida scrub habitats. However, scrub jays are constantly under threat from development and lack of adequate habitat management. If you would like to help save this species in our county we hope you volunteer for one of the largest citizen science projects across the state.

In 2018 alone 269 volunteers put in almost 3,000 hours to help survey and track jays across 46 different sites. You could add your name to the list this year! Volunteering consists of being trained on how to identify and survey for Florida scrub jays and then accompanying a group of fellow Jay Watchers into the field and counting jays! This data is directly used to help understand the status of scrub jays across the state.

If you are interested in helping Manatee County become a stronghold for this species let us know by contacting Kay Prophet at birdparadise16@gmail.com.