Field Trip Leader Guide



RESERVATION LIST: If your field trip requires that the number of participants must be limited, a reservation list for trips must be prepared for the monthly meeting prior to your trip. You or a representative should be present to answer any questions. A waiting list with phone numbers and email addresses should accompany the trip list so you can notify the next person(s) in line if there is a cancellation. We now have the capability to do online sign ups. Send your request to the club email. In the heading put TRIP RESERVATIONS and the sign up sheet will be created and posted on our website.

NIGHT HERON: Submit a reminder of the field trip before the end of the first week of the month of the trip with any updates of the time or meeting place. Send your request to the club email. In the heading put TRIP NEWSLETTER.

DIRECTION SHEET: Prepare a written sheet with specific directions including a map. If more than one site is to be visited, include directions to the other sites. Include information about entrance fees or tolls that may have to be paid on the trip.

DAY OF THE TRIP: Be at departure site at least 15 minutes before departure. As participants arrive at the site, have them sign the release sheet. Arrange for car pooling and leave on time. Plan for bathroom stops. Lunch stop should have picnic tables. Share cell phone numbers in case someone gets lost. Remind participants of the cost of gasoline and to reimburse the driver accordingly.

BIRD COUNT: During lunch do a bird count using the appropriate checklist. A checklist can be found on the Felts Preserve tab of the web site.

NIGHT HERON: Write up a brief description of the trip including number of species. Send an email with the report to the club email with TRIP REPORT in the heading of the email. Be sure to include pictures if you have them.

WALKIE TALKIES: If walkie talkies are needed (driving tours with small separations between cars), send an email with the request to the club email with the heading WALKIE TALKIES ahead of time so batteries can be charged and arrangements made for pickup.