Birdwatching, or birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which people observe the wonder and beauty of birds. This can be done as a hobby or as part of a citizen science project. It can be done wherever you go, as birds are all around us. Most birdwatchers use binoculars or scopes to help identify the trickier species, but you can also "bird by ear" as most birds have unique songs and calls that distinguish them from one another. 

Whether you are bird-watching or birding by ear, it takes time, patience, and practice to become an expert bird watcher. Consider looking into our bird class and walks so the experts at Manatee Audubon Society can help you out! Bird-watching is usually pursued as a hobby, however, if you would like to help scientists and ornithologists study and protect the bird species that are under constant threat check out our Conservation page and sign up to be a volunteer!