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Volunteer Corner

We are asking members to commit a small amount of time for the good of the organization. Some of these jobs are related to running the organization and others are projects at Felts that can be completed on our normal work day or maybe at a time that is more convenient for the volunteer. Listed below are a few volunteer jobs and a description of the duties. If you can help with any of these jobs or have questions, call 729-2222 and leave your name and telephone number.

Update the master list of birds seen at Felts

Throughout the year you would enter on the master list of birds, those sightings that have been reported at Felts using bird check lists left in the Bird Blind by visitors. The master list will be maintained on the website and can be easily updated. Call 729-2222 to sign up.

Monitor Bluebird nesting

During nesting, monitor once a week to assure that the babies are in good health and being taken care of. This includes looking at the babies, making sure the grass around the house in use is short and has been treated for ants, looking to see if there is any other box activity and recording your findings. This should take no more than an hour per week during nesting season. Email Tom Heitzman to sign up.

Repair and reinstall various birdhouses at Felts

Move and replace a wood duck box closer to the water. Take down the barn owl boxes, repair and reinstall. This can be done on a work day so you will have additional help. Email Tom Heitzman to sign up.

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