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Felts Audubon Preserve

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Otis Felts left this 30-acre parcel to the Manatee County Audubon Society when he passed away in 2002. His dream was that it would never be developed. Now our dream is to use the property as an environmental educational center for people of all ages.

As land in southwest Florida is rapidly consumed by development, this property is being used to benefit wildlife. We are returning the land to a more natural condition using a long-term management plan.

While we come up with innovative ways to provide opportunities to educate the public on environmental issues, the land is being used by an abundance of different animals including many migratory birds. As of January 2013, we have documented more than 160 avian species and 33 butterfly species on the property!

Otis and Anita Felts, 1995

Otis and Anita Felts, 1995

Certified Wildlie Habitat

A National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

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